Acne Treatment

We know acne and will help you get clear and stay clear. No prescription drugs needed.

Acne Treatment and Consultation$149*

For First Time Acne Clients. Our acne specialist will diagnose your acne sub-type (inflamed, non-inflamed, combination or rosacea) and identify lifestyle choices and products that may be aggravating your acne. After a thorough skin analysis, we will perform comprehensive extractions and do a light chemical peel or exfoliating enzyme to kick-start the clearing process. Lastly, we will create a customized home-care routine using products with “acne safe” ingredients (this may consist of products you already have) and set up a treatment schedule that works with your budget. *includes the cost of a full-size Face Reality cleanser and moisturizer to get you started with your new skincare routine.

Acne Treatment$65

For Established Acne Clients. Face acne treatment involves deep cleansing with an exfoliating enzyme or light chemical peel and extractions. Exfoliation and extractions allow home-care products to penetrate the pores more easily and facilitate the clearing process.

Back Acne Treatment$75

For Established Acne Clients $75 alone or $45 added on to an acne treatment. Back acne treatment involves deep cleansing, exfoliating enzyme or light chemical peel and extractions.

Acne Program Graduate$55

For clients who have been given Graduation Paperwork and are in Maintenance Phase for their acne-care.

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