Hair Removal FAQ

Does Sugaring/Waxing hurt?

There is generally some discomfort with hair removal. However, it is a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away and believe us when we say that the anticipation is much worse than the actual removal! It tends to hurt more the first time than any other time because your nerves are on edge and you don’t know what to expect. The pain lessens if you keep up with regular maintenance because the hair typically grows back finer and more sparse, becomes less prickly, and the skin retains its smoothness much longer.

What's the Difference Between a $10 brow wax at a Nail Salon and Your Eyebrow Styling?

High quality wax. High quality pre and post products for healthier skin. More time spent shaping so you get a fuller brow that’s may also need to be nicely trimmed. Specialized, individual attention for every client, not a « One Size Fits All » approach to Eyebrow styling. You’re welcome.

How long does Sugaring/Waxing last?

Sugaring: For the best results, book your appointments when the hair is 1/8″ long, usually 3 – 4 weeks between appointments.

Waxing: For the best results, book your appointments when the hair is 1/4″ – 1/2″ long, usually 2-3 weeks between appointments.

As you continue to receive regular maintenance, the hair will begin to grow at a slower rate and be thinner, eventually leading to more time between maintenance sessions. So to make sure you’re always at your hair free best, make sure you book your return appointments before you leave

When will the hair grow back?

Generally most clients will get about two weeks of nice smooth soft skin after their hair removal. However clients that have been shaving on a frequent basis or clients that have used hair removal creams often find that it can take a few appointments to get a smooth finish. If you decide that you are going to maintain your body hair removal then you really should have regular appointments every 3-4 weeks to keep the area smooth and hair free. Regular appointments are easier as the hair regrowth is much finer and a lot easier to remove.

Are there any age restrictions on waxing?

Yes, you must be 18 or older to receive a hair removal service at our studio. If you are under the age of 18, just have a parent or guardian fill out our consent form and we will be happy to provide services to you.

Are there any reasons I should not be sugared or waxed?

You should not receive any hair removal services if you are using the following products: Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin. If you have been or plan to be out in the sun within 24-48 hours before or after an appointment, or are sun burned, you should not receive services.

How will my skin react to sugaring or waxing?

After your first wax, the skin may be a bit red and irritated. This is normal and should calm down within a few hours. Please keep in mind that no matter how many precautions are taken it is difficult to predict how everyone’s skin may react, e.g. bruising and peeling.

What about ingrown hairs?

As with all hair removal methods how you maintain your skin afterwards will make a huge difference. We will provide our clients with some good aftercare advice. Follow the guidelines and use the recommended products on your skin.

How do I make this easier?

First of all, be consistent. As you are consistently sugaring/waxing every four weeks- your hair becomes thinner, finer, and sparser! This results in a less painful appointment. Get on a consistent schedule and stick to it! Year round is ideal. Try to avoid caffeine before your appointment, as caffeine is a stimulant, and can make your skin more sensitive. Exfoliate your skin before you come in; we advise starting a couple of days ahead of time. We also suggest scheduling your first appointment right after your period. Your pain threshold is higher during that time, and you’ll be more comfortable. Stop shaving! We like you to come see us (about 10 days for sugaring & 3 weeks for waxing) after your last shave because shaving can make the hair more resistant to removal.

Can I reschedule/cancel my appointment?

We kindly ask for a minimum of 4 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of HAIR REMOVAL SERVICE appointments. If you do not call to cancel an appointment at least 4 hours prior to, an automatic $15 will be charged to your account and must be paid prior to receiving your next service. Also, as our services tend to be quick- no reason to prolong the pain, right?!- if you are more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled appointment please be aware that we may have to reschedule you for a later time. These policies are in place simply to protect our other clients’ time.